19th May

While our end-of-year plays are a family occasion we would very much appreciate if you can avoid bringing toddlers and babies to the show as this has proved to be very disruptive to cast and audience in previous years.

Millenium Theatre, TUS, Moylish. (formerly LIT, next to Thomond Park) V94 EC5T


Arrive half an hour before show starts.

 No later than 2.30pm for 3pm show. No later than 6.30pm for 7pm show. When you arrive at the venue students enter the theatre up the stairs to the left of the shop (as you look at it). Audience will then be left in at approx 15 mins before the show begins. Seats are NOT numbered and you sit anywhere.

Students arrive in costume. Bring water. No valuables. No sweets.

All students GO TO THE TOILET before entering the theatre.

Refreshments will be available at the theatre. N.B. Cash only

Provisional Schedule (not in order of appearance and possibly subject to change before 19th May)


Sat 6-8 yrs                                                                  

Sun 8-10 yrs                                                           

Sun 11-13 yrs                                                          

Sun 14-18 yrs 

Sat 12-14 yrs Beta                                                    


Sat 9-11 yrs (am class)

Sat 9-11 yrs (pm class)

Sat 12-14 yrs Alpha

Sat 14-16 yrs

Sat 16-18 yrs