MAY 2019


Paid: 3 Night Shoot. May 30th May 31st, June 1st.
Location: Limerick/Clare
Squawk 7700 is a short film set in an air traffic control centre on a night shift. When a crisis strikes, three air traffic controllers must find their humanity even as their procedures guide them. The film’s three main characters are all challenging roles which display the gravity of the job in this character-centric ambitious short film. Directed by Dave Fox, Produced by Pete Moles and Dan Mooney
Early 20s. A young, enthusiastic but naive Air Traffic Controller. He’s new to the job, nervous in his new position, but with depths of character he has yet to discover. Cormac follows the rules partially because he thinks that matters and partially because he needs something he can rely on in his life.
50+. Seasoned and self-assured, Alan is a man defined by his tenure, he’s earned respect in his own head by virtue of being around long enough. He believes he has all the answers, largely because he’s never had to test that theory.
40+. Maeve is a professional, though she like to oscillate between being the crew’s ‘mammy’ and reminding her colleagues that she is in charge. Commanding without being overbearing.
Auditions will be held in Limerick City on Friday May 10th, any interested parties should contact us in advance to receive their audition material and arrange a time.
Send expression of interest to [email protected]


Feb 2018

We are looking to receive self tapes by 5pm 20th Feb, however if you cannot send a tape by then please call us so we can organise something with you.

We are currently casting a TV commercial for an Irish Electricity brand. We require a Farmer and Son duo take part. The commercial would shoot on March 2, 5, 6, 7 and we would need you to be available for one of these dates.

We are looking for any of the following duos:

  • A male farmer and son
  • A female farmer and son
  • A male farmer and daughter

If they are interested they should make contact with us [email protected] and send us a video of them doing the following:


Tell us about the process of milking cows. Great if a funny story comes to mind.

Play Jenga (or a similar balancing game e.g. a house of cards) together.

For the self tapes, the son should introduce the parent and tell us something about them that he likes and something he dislikes. The parent to do the same about the son.

Self-Tape Instructions

• Introduce yourself with name, age (optional for those over 25), and height.

• Your tape should be no more than 2 minutes per person including introduction and scene/s

• Use your own accent

• We need to see you. Make sure you are in a room with plenty of light, or outside.

• We need to hear you. Make sure there’s no background noise like a loud tv, music or heavy traffic.

• Frame the video from your chest to slightly above your head. If using a mobile phone, turn the phone on its side so that it is landscape.

• We don’t need you to worry about costume. Wear your own clothes with no sunglasses or hats.

• This is just a preliminary tape to introduce yourself so keep it simple. No need to edit or add music or do anything complicated.

• Recording should be done by someone else holding the phone or with the phone on a stand.

• Don’t look directly into the camera.

• Please send us the tape via using [email protected] as the recipient address. We will also accept google drive links or email attachments if the tapes are small.

If you have any questions please call 087 6120902.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks,


Emma Wall

Amy Rowan Casting


September 2017



No previous acting experience is necessary!

Lucy Bevan Casting is looking for an IRISH boy for the title role in Disney’s adaptation of Eoin Colfer’s novel ‘Artemis Fowl’

Please submit if you are; Male, aged 9-13, under 5’3” , any ethnicity, have or can do an Irish accent

At first glance Artemis could be mistaken for a rather ordinary child with little athletic ability, but his eyes reveal a flickering of intelligence. Inquisitive and possessing both academic and emotional intelligence, he is highly perceptive and good at reading people. Most importantly, Artemis is warm-hearted and has a great sense of humour; he has fun in whatever situation he is in and loves life.

Applications must be submitted by parent or legal guardian. We will be holding auditions in; Galway on 29 & 30 September Dublin on 1 October Cork on 14 October If you would like to considered please send a recent photo, your age and height by Monday 18 September to Emily at: [email protected] Please state which location you would like to audition in (Galway, Dublin or Cork) or if you would prefer to submit a self-tape.

The Producer is committed to providing equal employment opportunity and prohibits all forms of unlawful discrimination and harassment based upon ages 40 or over, ancestry, color, gender, gender expression, gender identity, genetic information, marital status, medical condition, mental or physical disability, military and veteran status, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or any other basis protected by law.


April 2017


We are casting a Horror Fantasy Feature film and are looking for a young boy to play one of our LEAD ROLES.

Shoot dates are June 26th 2017 to July 28th 2017 with rehearsals starting from 19th June 2017. These dates may move slightly and we would need full availability. We will be filming in Dublin and the surrounding areas

This is a great part for a young actor and if you would like to apply on behalf of your child please send us the following information as soon as possible.

Please send to t[email protected]

1) Very Recent clear photo of the child’s face
2) Very Recent clear full length photo
3) Document containing the following information;
a. Your name address contact number and email.
b. Your child’s name DOB and height in CM
c. Any details of any acting or dancing experience your child has.

Acting or dancing or performing experience is preferable as this is a lead role.

Please mention any agent/ drama/ dance group they attend

Please put your CHILDS NAME, AGE and HEIGHT in cms in the subject of the email

This is a fully paid job if cast.

Places are limited and not guaranteed and we cannot respond to email enquiries made to the facebook page.

Feel free to like and share.

March 2016

‘MAZE’ Feature Film Casting Call We are looking for featured extras and background extras for a new feature film that is being made in Cork this April! Male: late 20’s to mid 30’s Male: Late 20’s to late 40’s Female: Mid 20’s to late 40’s Male: Late teens to late20’s Kids: Boys or girls 7-12 • Speaking and non speaking roles available • No previous acting experience necessary but would be beneficial • Belfast accent would help but not necessary for all parts If you fit the brief come along to the open call: Friday 25th March 2016 1p.m- 7p.m Metropole Hotel, MacCurtain Street, Cork City Any queries please email Trisha on [email protected] If you cannot make the open casting please email your details

March 2016

We’re an experienced two man crew working on our third short film, each of our previous two shorts have gotten into numerous festivals. They can be found here:
Our next film is “Flicker” a short experimental romantic drama. An artistic spiritual meditation about a man following a vision of his deceased wife as he wanders through the city they lived in and sees memories of them younger.
The characters required are as follows:
Anna (age 22-30)
Anna is the main visual focus of the film.
We’ll need someone with good physical acting. There’ll be three variations required:
1) When she is dead, it’ll require a gracious/spiritual/elegant presence on screen.
2) When she is alive during flashbacks of the relationship, someone who can physically portray happiness, love, caring and fun.
3) Another flashback in the relationship when there’s an argument so anger/aggression will need to come across.
Simon (age 42-50)
The film follows an older Simon as he wanders through the house, city and last resting place of his deceased young wife. He sees visions of her as she leads him through these and sometimes interacts with her.
The voice-over for the film will be provided by this actor so exceptional delivery of poetic narration will be required.
Simon (age 22-30)
Younger version of Simon, will need to be somewhat physically alike (mainly in stature) to the older version I cast and to be honest we’ll cheat a lot of shots by not showing much of your face, doing mainly back shots and using the camera as POV. Would require good physical acting, mostly in a playful/happy/emotional way opposite the actress.
Probably a good role for someone starting out or building a showreel – because of the limitations of the role we can offer headshots and immediate footage in return.
It should be noted that there’ll be almost no dialogue in the roles as the whole film will contain classical/cinematic music backing a poetic voice-over as narration (only done by one actor – the older male).
The film will be shot mainly in Galway (Tuam, Connemara and the city itself) and maybe some in Limerick, depending on securing a location.
Schedule wise we’ll tailor the shoot around the actors we get as best we can but due to work commitments it’ll be weekend shoots. I’d envision now that the actors for Anna and older Simon would be required for 3 days and younger Simon for one day. The current aim for shooting is June/July spread out over two weekends.
Unfortunately there’s no pay for the actors but all transport, accommodation, food, etc. will be paid for and high quality footage will be provided for showreels.
To apply, send your acting CV with a PHOTOGRAPH and SHOWREEL (if possible) to [email protected] with the subject CASTING.

Feb 2016

RTÉ DOCUMENTARY – What Does Being Irish Mean To You?

An RTE 2 documentary; ‘WHO AM I’, wants you to get involved by sending in a video telling them what your Irish Identity means to you!

If you’re aged between 15 and 34 and are (or feel) Irish, this is a great opportunity.

Your video can be as short as 30 seconds or as long as 4 minutes – as long as you need to get your message across.

And you can be as creative as you want in sharing your thoughts. But some advice: hold your phone sideways (aka landscape), and perhaps leave it down on a surface to keep it steady.


APPLY BY EMAIL TO: [email protected]

– You can email your video to [email protected]

– If you upload it to YouTube/Vimeo, simply send the link.

– Or use to send files up to 2GB in size, for free.

Closing date is next Monday 29th February – so get your thoughts in quick!

Jan 24th 2016

CASTING CALL: Limerick short films directed under the mentorship of Kevin Liddy.

IF UNABLE TO ATTEND PLEASE SUBMIT A VIDEO. Sides available on request.

Male actor wanted: 60’s, tough but sensitive.
Female actor wanted: 27-32 yrs. Brown hair (preferably curly) to play an attractive mother
SHORT FILM for Advanced TV and Film Production at Limerick College of Further Education.
SHOOTING TBC approx late Feb early March
Audition Thurs morning 28th Jan in Limerick
Please email [email protected] Subject line: Thurs audition.
Include Name address mobile. CV, headshot and link to showreel if you have one. We will get back to you with a time and details.
Expenses only and copy for showreel

ACTRESS: 25-30 age range.
SHORT FILM for Advanced TV and Film Production at Limerick College of Further Education.
SHOOTING TBC approx late Feb early March
PART: Aoibhinn appears happy but suffers severe bouts of anxiety and depression
DIRECTOR: Kieran Burke
CASTING: Tues 26th JANUARY 10-11am at LCFE, Mulgrave St.
Please email [email protected] Subject line: Aoibhinn & The Bear audition.
Include Name address mobile. CV, headshot and link to showreel if you have one. We will get back to you with a time and details.
Expenses only and copy for showreel


Jan 18th 2016


Louise Kiely Casting have announced an open casting for leads in an upcoming feature film.

The film will shoot in Spring/Summer 2016 in locations on the east and possibly west coast of Ireland.

Date: Sunday, January 24th
Venue: FilmBase, Temple Bar
Time: 11am – 4pm

Looking for:

Males: 14 – 20 Years Old
Females: 14 – 20 Years Old

Preparation: Perspective applicants are asked to learn one short scene off by heart before they audition. In order to receive the scene, applicants must follow the simple steps below.


Parents/Guardians of minors, and anyone over the age of 18, should send an email with the following info to [email protected]

Note: Please put full name of Actor/Young Person in subject bar.

Include a recent photo with head and shoulders visible, as well as a cover letter with the following information:

1. Name and Surname of Actor
2. Age and Date of Birth of Actor
3. Height of Actor in Centimetres
4. Address of Actor
5. Agent of Actor – if applicable
6. Name and Surname of Guardian
7. Email Address of Guardian
8. Phone Number of Guardian
9. Any acting experience of Actor

In return,Louise Kiely Casting will send an email with the scene for the Actor to prepare.

Please note: All minors must be accompanied to the casting by an adult. Louise Kiely Casting cannot deal directly with minors.