The whole idea behind costumes for the LSA productions is that people do not spend money if possible. Check at home to see what you have, or borrow. If you have the talent and the time then by all means make the costume. We do not want people hiring expensive costumes and then others feeling they have to also. Remember, on the night it is the students who count, not the costumes.

Please Note: Costumes for the teen classes were discussed in class




FAIRIES: Check out books. Maybe ballet costume with belt. Chiffony, wispy scarves tucked into the belt. Bare legs. Ankle socks.

VULGARIAN CHILDREN: Dark clothes, shredded in a downward motion. Bare legs. Wild, sticky up hair.

HUMAN CHILDREN: Ordinary bright-coloured clothes, out for a summer picnic.


King Sullivan likes dolls – chopped! SAT 9-11 yrs (morning class) & SUN 11-13 yrs.

King: Crown & cape, trousers, shoes, shirt.

Prince William, Snobby, Eamon Trying, Meehawl Fartin, and Security Guards: white shirts and black ties. Security guards wear dark sunglasses also.

Kate: well dressed (confirmation outfit or likewise would suit)

Duchess: Horse riding outfit and blazer if possible. Otherwise conservatively dressed.

Narrators: Modern dress unless doubling up roles, then they dress in character for other roles.

ALL OTHERS: Dress like peasants:

Blouses, puffy shirts. Big belts outside shirts. Boots with tucked trousers. Shawls, Cloth caps, scarves, neckties etc


PANTO FIASCO. SAT 9-11 yrs (afternoon class) & SUN 8-10 yrs

The Rats: The Rats are ultra cool rappers. They wear all black (trousers, jeans or leggings and plain black t-shirt.) A black hoodie is also acceptable. A tail (belt) is tucked into the back of the trousers. Add baseball cap or beanie cap and shades if you want.

Theo. All black. Draw three whiskers on each cheek. 

Maintenance man: Work clothes. Maybe a tool belt or carrying a screwdriver etc

Farmer & Ethel: Big dirty coat tied with string, wellies. Headscarf for wife 

Genie: Like a classic genie. Check the internet for inspiration 

Aladdin: Classic image: turban waistcoat, billowy trousers (p.j.’s). Check the internet for inspiration. 

Goldilocks: High fashion like a model. 

Red Riding Hood: Cool clothes with a red hooded top. 

Dick Whittington. Check the internet for inspiration. Bundle on end of stick. 

Merry Men and Robin Hood: Green Khaki. Bandanas. Jungle guerrilla style. 

Sheriff and Maid Marion. Ultra cool and fashionable, like a Posh & Becks! 

Snow White: Something along the lines of the Merry Men but a bit more hippyish – beads, bangles etc. (Clipboard for petition). 

Grumpy. Trousers tucked into boots, loose shirt and wide belt around it. 

Immy & Gration. White shirt and dark tie.