Here is the scene for the class for next Wednesday 11th May. 

The women who didn’t get filmed last time – learn Miranda
The women who did have a go, learn Fiona
The guys who didn’t have a go – learn Simon
The guys who did have a go – learn Phillip.

Women learn the roles of Fiona and Miranda – Guys learn Simon and Phillip.

There will only be time for 1 or 2 full filming sessions  – as it has 4 people involved. So, those who hadn’t had a go – are given priority.


Fri 29th April

The films are ready to view.
I’ve provided each take and at the end, the short film – titled “Never Ever”

Password is: neverever
It’s taking the Mickey out of some French and American New Wave references and also cheesy soap opera. I’m amazed and happy that everyone acting in it did well with such short notice. All were awesome!



SUN 24th April

All: Learn this scene for Wed

Romeo and Juliet

SUN 17th April

Here are the short films from Wednesday’s class.

First Class – Brooklyn Scene

Password: brooklyn

LSA – First Class – 13.04.2016 – Brooklyn 1 

LSA – First Class – 13.04.2016 – Brooklyn 2

Second Class – Good Will Hunting Scene

Password: will

Marriage Counsellor sessions –
Password: session


Mon 11th April

Scenes to learn next week –

7pm Class –

Tony and Eilis

Guys learn – Tony
Girls learn – Eilis

8pm Class

Will and Sean

All people over 30 learn “Sean”
All people under 30 learn “Will”

I Remember Mama – password mama


The advanced class scene work – password friends




1 Min film shoot photos

Password for all of them is: friends

Mary – Take 1
Aoife – Take 1
Aoife – Take 2
Gerard – Take 1
Gerard – Take 2
Martin – Take 1
Martin – Take 2
Ritchie – Take 1
Ritchie – Take 2
Emer – Take 2