Emperor’s New Clothes



Bogus & Fishweedle:

As prisoners: Plain white T-shirt with black arrows drawn on it.
Trousers tucked into boots.
Otherwise: Un-tucked shirt with belt around the waist.

Gert, Walter, & Townspeople, including Criers, Lion, Scarecrow and Tinman etc are: Poor peasants: Boots, untucked shirts with belts. Scarves, dresses, shawls, neckerchiefs. Caps.

Prime Minister: Sober jacket and trousers, shirt and tie.

Walkers: Modern walking clothes, runners, sweatbands, jumpers tied around waist etc.

Snow White, Cinderella & Dorothy :  Look to images on internet for inspiration from original characters

Royal Family.

Crowns made from cardboard and tinfoil, add sparkles. Ladies can add curled gift ribbon hanging from it as brightly coloured curls.

The Empress & Queen Mum

An old bridesmaid’s dress or cut-down evening dress would be ideal for the Royal women. Add lots of jewellery and make-up.

King, brightly coloured clothes, as garish and colour clash as possible. Silk PJ’s work well! Cape (old curtain). Couple of garish ties. Colourful boxer shorts!

Newsreader: Shirt & Tie

Reporter: Shirt & Tie

Where’s My Wok Gone. Black clothes, black rimmed glasses. Silk scarf

Sham & Bud: Tracksuits or cheap garish clothes. Very Limerick!!