Crazy Court




1 Judge Jolly:                                         Judges Cloak

2 Standup: an officer of the court:         Shirt & tie

3 Goldilocks.                                          Look to the internet for inspiration

4 Daddy Bear:                                        Fluffy brown PJ top

5 Mummy Bear:                                     Fluffy brown PJ top

6 Baby Bear:                                          Fluffy brown PJ top

7 Mr Wolf.                                        Smartly dressed with shirt, jacket and cravat

8 Josef, the shepherd boy.                    Like a peasant.


9 Maisie                                                  Old women with headscarves                      

10 Daisy                                                   Ditto                                           

11 Crazy                                                   Ditto                                        

12 Cinderella:                                          Look to the internet for inspiration          

Ugly Sisters

13 Beyonce:                                             Tacky bling

14 Shakira:                                               Ditto

15 The Prince:                                         Look to the internet for inspiration

16 Stacey                                                 Track suit

17 Tracey                                                 Ditto

18 Roy                                                      Ditto

19 Dean                                                   Ditto

20 Alicia Penelope Huffworth.                 Smartly dressed

21 Tommy                                                Normal

22 Mummy                                               Like a mother (!)

23 Ivor Stiffneck, solicitor.                        Shirt and tie

24 Nicola Neckbrace                                Like a mother (!)

25 Judge Rinder                                      Judges cloak

26 Miss Conduct                                      Like a teacher (!)


27 Sucker                                                 Blue shirt and navy tie

28 Mucker                                               Ditto

29 Ducker                                                Ditto