The Limerick School of Acting annual productions take place at the Millennium Theatre, Limerick Institute of Technology, on Sunday 27th May.

LETS, The Model, St.Nessan’s and the Saturday 6-8 year class will perform on Sunday afternoon at 2.30pm. Please arrive at 2pm

Saturday classes 9-11 years (morning and afternoon classes), and all teen classes are on stage at 7pm. Please arrive at 6.30pm

Tickets are available from the Millennium Theatre website. They will also be available from the box office on the day. 


Arrive half an hour before the show starts. Get your child to GO TO THE TOILET! Then, bring your child to the stairs where one of the Limerick School of Acting staff will escort them to a seat in the theatre. Ticket holders will be admitted later (about 10 mins before the show starts)

ALL students will be in our care until the show ends. DO NOT take your child before the end of the show as this could trigger a ‘missing child’ alarm system. When this occurs the show stops until the child is found! Parents can collect their child from the auditorium at the end of the show.

BRING: Students should arrive in costume with a small bag if necessary and refreshments. NO valuables.


Limerick School of Acting does not supply costumes for plays.
We do however try to make it as cheap as possible for you.
We leave it up to you to make, borrow, or hire the costume as you so wish.
Use the internet for research
The following are suggestions only for each character/s.


 Gangsters. Dark shirt and white or red tie. Trousers
 Dreamgirls: 3 similar costumes. Students to discuss and decide between themselves.
 Gangstas: Modern day rapper kit. Hoodies, bandannas, runners, chain jewellery and baseball caps etc
 Molls: As discussed in class. Google images for 1920's dresses.


 King: Crown & cape, trousers, shoes, shirt.
 Prince: shirt and tie.
 Kate: Well dressed (confirmation outfit or likewise would suit)
 Duchess: Horse riding outfit and blazer if possible, riding crop. Otherwise, well dressed. Tiara
 Headsore/Snobby: Suit, shirt and tie
 Enda: Shirt & tie
 Gormless: Shirt & tie or other conservative appearance (politician)
 Narr & Ator (announcers). Own decision. Discuss together for complimentary outfits.
 Security (O’Briens) All black, shades.
 ALL OTHERS: Dress like peasants:
 Blouses, puffy shirts. Big belts outside shirts. Boots with tucked trousers. Shawls, Cloth caps, scarves, neckties etc
 Helen. Doll, like Deirdre’s but very clean.
 Deirdre. Doll, like Helen’s but grubby and loose arm or leg. Remote control.
 Axey Dent. Crutches.

KING SOLOMON (6-8 yr class) 2.30pm performance

 Deirdre- Helen- Anne- Elizabeth- Fiona: all fancy dressed up clothes. (Dresses, skirts, party type clothes)
 King Solomon: crown, robe, black clothes.
 Guard 1&2: All black (with sunglasses if they want, like secret service in US)
 Swordsman 1 and 2: jeans and checked shirt (like lumber jack)
 Soldier (Kevin): all green/ khaki like soldier.
 Nosey Neighbours: normal clothes, casual, bright colours.


Presenters. Well dressed, Sunday best.
Prince Handful. Well dressed. Large gold chain. Crown
Queen. Well dressed.  Crown
Silly O'Dea, Shirt and tie. Glasses. Painted on moustache
Cinderella Like a model
Beeping Beauty & Goldilocks. Dressed casually, maybe tracksuit or hoodie
Red Riding Hoodie. Red hoodie, hip hop, lots of bling.
Sharon, Twink, and Simon. Dressed like adults. Look up internet of those people for inspiration.
Otherwise ALL plain white T-shirt.

Jeremy Vile: Scareytale Scandals

Jeremy and Dr Pepper: Oversized, ill fitting shirt. Tie. Suit jacket etc
Gretel: Peasant-like dress...grey,cream,brown frills or florals, etc.
Hansel: Short brown pants. Shirt...grey, white,brown, dirty, torn, etc
Winnie: All black, preferably a dress/skirt.
Evil Stepmother: Fancy clothes for woman aged 30/40 plus. Sunglasses on head.
Father: blue jeans, white T-shirt.
Security Guard: All black. Black sunglasses.
Cindy: Peasant dress. Florals/frills. Day dress... brown/grey, cream etc. Plain apron.
Kim and Kourtney: Modern high fashion teenage clothes.
Fairy: Bright colours. Fairy wings and wand.
Prince Charming: Burger King cardboard crown. Shirt and tie.
Snow White: Blue, white, red combo. Preferably a dress.
Queen: A fancy dress. Crown/tiara (from € shop).
Dwarves: Bright colours. Untucked shirt with belt around waist. Trousers tucked into socks.
Granny: Shawl around head. Cardigan, slippers.
Woodcutter: Flannel shirt hang loose. Belt around middle. Jeans tucked into socks.
Wolf: All black.
Mammy: 30/40's well dressed woman look.
Red Riding Hood. All red. Red dress or red cloak or plain red hoodie.


Beauty 1     Nice dress. Shoes/glitter
Beauty 2     Plain brown/grey dress
Honor        Pretty but plain dress
Nick         Peasant look. Untucked grey/brown shirt with belt. Trousers tucked into socks. Shoes/boots
Fairy        Dress. Wings. Wand. Glittery
André        Good shirt and trousers. Waistcoat.
Janie        Peasant. Plain dress. Plain apron around waist.
Scribe       Shirt and trousers.
Queen        Velvet cloak. Reds and golds. Crown.
Tutor        Shirt and trousers.
Guard        Blue shirt. Trousers.
Nick's Family    (Peter, Patty, Cindy, Jimmy, Sam, Mandy) and the peasants ( Jill, Meg, May, Mary, Sarah, Kelly, Joe, Molly, John, Sally, lady)
        Brown/grey plain clothes. Too big or too small. Peasant look: untucked shirts with belt, trousers tucked into socks, dresses with aprons around waist, shawls etc.