New 12-14 yr class.

To keep numbers in a class at acceptable levels during Covid we are introducing a second 12-14 yr class known as 12-14 yr Alpha. The present 12-14 yr class is known as 12-14 yr Beta.

Class times:
12-14 Alpha 11am.
12-14 Beta 12.10pm

All new class times can be found here.

So, if you signed up to the 12-14 yr class and attended last year at 11.45am (new time 12.10pm) , all your friends from last year will probably be there unless: they have not returned, moved on to the 14-16 yr class, or swapped to the new earlier Alpha class starting at 11am.

Students who have moved up from a 9-11 yr class will be kept together in the Alpha class at 11am.