COVID procedures

COVID Procedures:


  • It will be assumed that a student that attends class is free of Covid symptoms. Do NOT send your child to class if they are unwell or knowingly been in contact with someone else displaying symptoms, whether tested or not.
  • Go to the toilet at home. Please avoid using the toilets at LSA unless absolutely necessary.
  • Pay with credit card. We still accept cash but for the moment use a card if you can. All classes must be paid for whether you attend or not. If we cancel a class you do not pay. If you cancel a class you pay. If prepaid then credit will be given if we cancel.


  • Use the designated entrances and exits. These will be clearly signposted. Avoid gathering in clusters outside.
  • Enter only when told. We need to clean between class times.
  • Students to sign in with Lauren and then sit down.
  • NO PARENTS to enter the class. If you need to speak to us please ring 0862452994.
  • ALL STUDENTS to sanitise hands upon entering the room, and before and after using the toilet. (See note above re toilets)
  • 12-14 yr classes and older. Wear a MASK when entering and keep it on until you’ve signed in and sat down. Only then do you remove the mask. Do not leave your mask down. Keep on your person at all times.
  • All students to keep a minimum 1 metre distance at all times.

On August 26th acting Chief Medical Officer Dr Ronan Glynn has said at today’s Covid-19 committee hearing it is “very unlikely that if a child were to bring the virus into a school that they would spread it to another child, and unlikely again that that child would bring it home and spread it in their home”.