Casting Database 2019

TV, Commercial & Film Casting Database.

South Court Hotel Sunday 10th November 2019



For enrolled Limerick School of Acting students only

A unique opportunity to be included on our database to be provided on request to TV & Film casting agents nationwide

This session is very important as the database will be used by the new Apple TV production The Abraham Project at TROY STUDIOS searching for young actors.

Our other company, an extras casting database, is currently providing Featured Background Extras to The Abraham Project at Troy.

No need to book. Just turn up any time between 11.15am and 1.15pm

TIME:             11.15am – 1.30pm

All students must be accompanied by a parent on the day to sign permission form

Once off fee €30 to be paid on the day.

On Sunday 10th November we will be updating our hugely successful Casting Database for access by film and TV directors/producers and casting agents.

Top casting agents like Louise Kiely and Ali Coffey are in regular contact for auditions because it means they can view online what the child is like on camera thus saving them time and sometimes the bother of calling students all the way up to Dublin for a casting session

Students who successfully secure a job can have their contract reliably and professionally negotiated by top Dublin actors’ agency Castannettenow.

We have had many auditions for our students in the last year and a few successes. Currently you can see 9 yr old Kelise on the An Post ad on TV!

N.B: There is no guarantee that your son or daughter will be called for an audition if they appear on the casting database.


On the day of Casting Database Shoot we will take top quality headshots and record a brief piece to camera of your son/daughter.

The student is asked to behave naturally and say only the following to camera:

“Hi my name is ……….. I am …. yrs old and I go to the Limerick School of Acting.”

The piece will be short and designed to give casting agents a small flavour of the actors’ voice and personality.

Limerick School of Acting is keeping prices to an absolute minimum to cover expenses and administration. Therefore we consider a fee of only €30 to be reasonable for this service. Family reduction €25 for two or more siblings. Copies of headshots can be downloaded for FREE later from a web link on request.

N.B: The Limerick School of Acting Database is open to currently enrolled students only. If a student no longer attends classes they will be removed from the database and there will be no refund. Our reputation as a top acting school will be upheld by properly trained and well behaved students. Students will remain on the database until Oct 2020 when it will be updated.

All students must be accompanied by a parent to sign permission form

ALL form info, photos, and videos of students will be not publicly available and will only be released to reputable people in the business that are known to the Limerick School of Acting. Contact details of parents are only available from LSA on request from casting agents and production companies